workshop descriptions

Art Remedies is proud to bring you a wide variety of workshops. The cost of each workshop includes all materials.


Expressing Feelings With Color

This 3 hour workshop teaches participants how to articulate emotions and experiences with the language of color, using the Zagon Method of Art4Healing. Participants will process their feelings on canvas while learning about color, composition, and other elements of art.

Fee: $55


This workshop offers individuals who have suffered loss in their life, an opportunity to process significant emotions experienced throughout the journey of grief by utilizing paint on canvas.

Fee: $55 

Chronic Illness

An introspective look at one’s own body and mind is initiated through a careful consideration and colorful response with paint regarding the impact of living with chronic illness 

Fee: $55

Compassion Fatigue

This workshop is designed for helping professionals and individuals that are continuously giving of themselves to others. You will be encouraged to identify and process compassion fatigue by using color and painting as a vehicle for expression.

Fee: $55

Season of Anticipation: Pregnancy Workshop

Using paints on canvas, this workshop is a fun way to commemorate such a fleeting season in life. It is intended to provide an opportunity to connect with other expectant couples, reflect upon the journey of pregnancy, confront any fears or concerns surrounding the birthing and delivery process, and embrace the life change that comes with having a new family member. This workshop is also available to couples privately!  

Fee: $55

All workshops are led by Melissa Suzuki, a certified Art for Healing facilitator. Workshops utilize the illuminative artwork technique which is defined according to Jenny Spouse, PhD as “[Art] used as a means of self-expression and for linking the conscious with the unconscious ego. [Creating] images which encourage participants to use…as metaphors are used to express tacit or pre-conscious apprehension of experiences, and then to explain their significance”.(Spouse, 2000). Participants are free to create and express without facilitator interpretation. No previous art experience is required. Art remedies emphasizes the value of the process of art making as opposed to achieving excellence in mastering the fundamentals of design. All workshops are offered in San Bernardino, and Los Angeles county. Each workshop lasts 3 hours and has a maximum of 15 participants. Advance registration is required for all sessions. To get in touch with us, please visit our “contact” page.