Here is what some of the workshop participants have to say…

“I allowed myself to feel free in what I created , though I am usually intimidated by art. Also, I learned to appreciate each [participant’s]piece and not compare. It was so therapeutic and introspective.” –Lauren

“Everyone has something they need to heal from and process, art is a great tool.” –Sarah

“I loved the activities and spontaneity of painting.” –Elana

“After experiencing the workshop, I feel more in touch with my thoughts and emotions. ” –anonymous

“Loved just freely painting! Wish it could have been longer!” – Courtney

“Melissa creates a safe and therapeutic environment so participants may engage in the process easily” – Michelle

“Melissa’s workshop offered me a calm, peaceful time set aside specifically to reflect on my feelings about being pregnant. Creating the artwork and discussing it afterwards with Melissa helped me feel more emotionally ready to welcome another life into the world. It was also lovely to be able to bring the artwork home to share my inner journey with my husband. Even now, a year and a half later, looking at the painting reminds me of the clarity and excitement I felt during the last month of my pregnancy.” –EB

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