The new 3 R’s of Education

As a child life specialist, I am invigorated by the evidence that hard science has offered to justify the nearly immeasurable impact that psychosocial intervention has on an individual’s development. For years I have followed the work of Dr. Dan Siegel. He is the founder of the field of  Interpersonal Neurobiology. His work identifies that the brain is a social organ, which physically transforms through experience and amidst relationships . I know that I have only scratched the surface of Siegel’s work but I can see the relevance of it both in and out of the hospital. In one of his Ted talks, Siegel identifies 3 facets of education that have been overlooked that have the capacity to transform the way kids learn. The former 3 R’s of education- Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic have been changed to the following: Relationships, Reflection, and Resilience.

This summer, I am exploring the potential of these three driving forces in a curriculum that I have developed for kids K-5 at the Monrovia Public Library. The Wild Hearts’ Art and Reading club will meet every Thursday (except July 2) from 3-4pm. I hope to see you LA folks there! And I look forward to sharing the outcome of this experimental series!



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