Season of Anticipation: Pregnancy Workshop

Since I set out on my journey to become a Child Life Specialist, I have encountered some incredibly inspiring people. I’ve met helping professionals that choose to speak with honesty and respect and develop relationships founded in love.  I have also met children fighting chronic illnesses who demonstrate astonishing hope and bravery; despite the fact that they have watched some of their peers fight the same disease and lose. Fear has not stopped them from embracing life, and loving even with the knowledge that opening up their heart to someone else can cause greater pain.

In this season of my life, I have more intimately encountered the most common of heroes, mothers and fathers. Becoming a mother has caused me to gain a new respect for my own parents, friends, and acquaintances that are all striving to discover a new depth of love, embracing the completely baffling and miraculous journey of rearing children which inherently transforms.

I have begun to understand that life constantly offers opportunities where I can either allow fear to inform my decisions or I can invite love in; while graciously accepting that fear and love often occupy the same space.

This battle between love and fear is constant, however, there are times that I am more aware of it. This conflict is much more outspoken in my mind/heart when love has the upper hand.  There are two significant moments in my life that come to mind; one was when I lost my sister to cancer  and the other was when I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world exactly 12 years later. Both, are marked moments for me when love had to prevail. I needed it to.

The loss of my sister has acted as a positive catalyst on many different occasions. Though broken, it has given me an unique lens to view others through, and offered opportunities to experience deep empathy. This empathy has given love the upper hand.

In order for me to enter into parenthood and approach birth without fear, I needed to inform my decision of how and where I wanted to give birth. This is something I encourage every expectant friend of mine to do. The more that I learned about my body and the process of labor, the smaller the fear that informed my decision became AND the bigger love grew! For me, receiving education from Kathy Killebrew and the loving support of Margo Kennedy,CNM and her team, created an incredibly empowering and informed birth experience. It has strengthened me personally and crafted a new courage that has woven the fabric of my being tighter to withstand adversity and opposition both from others and from within.

My own journey compelled me to join other men and women during this beautiful season of life. I am deeply moved by the unique details of each one’s story and the power that sharing that story can possess. My hope is to offer individuals and couples a unique moment in time that will embrace the depth of profundity that pregnancy holds and look forward, in hopeful anticipation, toward the beautiful months and years  ahead.I’ve developed a specific curriculum that will provide space for each participant to navigate internally the journey of pregnancy by utilizing paints on canvas. The painting created could potentially uncover some thoughts or emotions that would have otherwise been left dormant and act as a tangible way to commemorate such a fleeting moment in time.

Margo Kennedy, CNM has generously offered the use of their new beautiful facility at the Del Mar Birth Center in South Pasadena. I will be planning on providing workshops the third Saturday of each month from 9-12. They are available for ALL expectant parents, planning on delivering both in the birth center or elsewhere.  I am also excited at the prospect of offering private workshops for expectant couples.

I hope to encounter you, on your beautiful journey…

Please send any inquiries to and let love grow!

*the image for this post is of my sweet friend & her husband beautifully captured by Jessi Couser of Jessi Couser Photography

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